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From Series 1, episode 4 :
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James is putting pressure on Misha to move on their relationship and No Comment is pushing Carlton to prove his loyalties..

Have you ever done something you didn't want to just because your mates wanted you to.. or because you didn't want to be left out....? There are all kinds of pressure you might be experiencing; from school, work, family and yourself.

Find out how you can stand up for what you feel and want:


Teen Life Check

Do the Life Check to check out your life and see how you’re getting on. Find out what help you can get, if you want to. This is not a test! There are no right or wrong answers. And no-one will see what you’ve written. So be honest with yourself and start getting the real picture.

RU Thinking

Lots of information to get you thinking about the different types of relationships there are and to help you decide what YOU want. Hints on how to say NO and resist pressure, there's even a message board.


Feeling the pressure?...there's advice here on what you can do.

Bullying - Coastkid

Coastkid shows you what bullying is and what to do about it.

Brightside Trust

The Brightside Trust exists to help young people raise their achievement levels and by reducing the social barriers to their success. Their flagship programme, the Bright Journals ementoring scheme, focuses on helping underprivileged young people to overcome disadvantage and enter into the competitive fields of medicine, dentistry, veterinary sciences and the allied health professions. Other projects cover business, sciences, engineering and other professions.