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From Series 1, episode 8 :
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For TB, No Comment and Queen B gangs are part of everyday life.. But Queen B doesn't want this for her little brother Zeke.

There's a lot of talk about gangs at the moment and whether it's going on around you or you're worried about guns and knives, it's worth knowing the facts, the law and where you can get help....

You might also want to look at some of the links under peer pressure, drugs and personal safety too...

Knife Crime - Its not a game

"69 teenagers are victims of knife crime every week in London and nearly half of all murders are carried out with a knife." This is a Metropolitan Police campaign about knife crime. Take a look to find out some of the facts and what the police are trying to do to reduce knife crime.

Stop the Guns

Trident is an anti-gun crime operation that was set up in 1998 to help bring an end to a spate of shootings and murders among young, black Londoners. On the website you can visit a virtual prison cell and find out some of the facts about gun crimes.

Shadow CS

Shadow CS is a Crimestoppers website aimed at young people. There are games, downloads, and factfiles with lots of info about the law, crime and how it affects you.


Leap believes that all young people have the potential to be leaders, initiators, creators, mediators and problem solvers. Conflict work lies at the heart of creating positive, stimulating and supportive relationships with young people. They can then make empowered choices, which release their energy for giving service in the community, and help them to realise their potential.