Let's talk about sex (and 'stuff')

If you’re a registered L8R user, you can chat to L8R’s online Peer Mentors (aged 16-25) about anything the L8R drama raises for you.

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You can also arrange a bespoke session through your teacher or youth worker.


**WE ARE NOW DELIVERING COMPLETE PEER EDUCATOR TRAINING PROGRAMMES** including face-to-face and online delivery, around gangs and crime themes, where young people who have previous experience of offending behaviour educate others in schools, PRUs or other settings, using the L8R Series 2 episodes

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What is a bespoke session?

You decide the topic and the time of your Online Peer Mentoring session and we put you in touch with other young people who have been trained to talk about their experiences


What sort of topics do people talk about?

Any issues affecting young people, such as: pregnancy & parenthood, sex & relationships, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, bullying, gangs, crime....

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From Series 1, episode 4 :
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she shudnt ov gone round his house

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