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From Series 1, episode 3 :
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Let's Talk About Sex:

  • Who can you talk to?
  • Is everyone doing it?
  • Think you might be pregnant?
  • Pressured into sex?
  • Worried about STIs?
  • Wondering about your sexuality?

For information and advice check out these links:



Many people probably already know that condoms help protect against pregnancy and most sexually transmitted infections.

But despite best intentions, condoms may be thought about,but not often used.

If you want to know more about condoms?

  • How they work?

  • How to use them?

  • Where to get them from?

Men come in different shapes and sizes and so do condoms. A quarter of people don’t know this. Check out the fpa pages on contraception including some FAQs . There's more information about condoms at condom essential wear and open up the useful guide to using a condom download in James' bedroom in L8R World

Or check out LETS GET IT ON - a hands on video demonstration in the St Dunstans Showcase and there's even more info on the RUthinking site:

There's information about condoms, emergency contraception, the pill, other contraception and some tips on SAFER SEX...


Sexually Transmitted Infections

Tilly hasn't been too careful and now she's worried that she's got chlamydia. You can find out more in her diary in L8R World Episode 6 .

SILX Teen Bar in Northumberland have made a some videos about Danny and Tilly's risky behaviour. In one of them you can find out what happens when Tilly visits the clinic. You can see these and other videos in SILX Teen Bar, Northumberland - Danny, Tilly and Friends in the Showcase


Worried about STIs?

Check out RUthinking to find out more about Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Sexually Transmitted Infections and others.


Concerned about HIV/AIDS?

There are lots of myths about AIDS but its worth getting to know the facts since HIV infections are on the increase in the UK and only 1 in 3 people know that they are infected. To find out more about HIV/AIDS and how to get tested visit the National AIDS Trust website or visit RUthinking.


Going to the clinic?

Like Danny, if you're thinking of visiting a sexual health or GUM clinic, get some FACTS about what to expect, before you go. 

Search now to find your local clinic or if you live in Hackney, check out CHYPS.


This site tells you where and when you can access services, where you can get FREE CONDOMS, and you can ask questions to Dr.Sarah. There's also a nice myths and facts test that can be fun and informative.

Brook Young People's Information Service

It's free to call and they can answer your questions between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday only Freephone 0800 0185 023


7.00am to midnight every day Freephone 0800 28 29 30
These numbers won't show upon your home phone number.

For Young Men

Men’s Health Forum
Boyhood to manhood
Impotence Worries

For Young Gay Men

Channel 4 - Teen Health

Personal Stories from young Gay Men